The Optimal Solution Package | Details

  • The purpose of this Optimal Solution Package option is explained at this page »

An example schedule of the first 2-weeks of the Optimal Solution Package is below - aimed at eliminating your pain within this time.

This schedule is an average example, which provides structure as well as flexibility depending on progress and availabilities:

  • The total duration required to get to pain-free full movement depends on the complexity of the condition
  • On average this can range from 3-hours for a more simple condition to 8-hours for a highly complex condition
  • Once pain-free full movement, further sessions will be spaced out over the final 6-weeks phase of the program for example, Week 3 60mins; Week 5 60mins; Week 8 60mins
  • Tune-Up sessions to progress exercises and sustain pain-free full movement beyond this 8-week program are at standard session prices 
  • The fees are based on a total of 8-hours of sessions at 50% discount. 
  • Extra time required to achieve your goals including extra sessions, email/text question and answers, communicating with supporters etc. are included in this package. 
    • We are offering this discount because we want to show what is possible with this new approach to eliminating pain and regaining long-lasting function
    • All extra hours on top of this over the 8 weeks are complementary to ensure we under promise and over deliver
    • We are offering a payment plan of $280 per week for 8 weeks for the entire package
    • Including 50% off in the case of not achieving pain-free and full movement of the main problem area by the end of the first 2-weeks*
  • **Individual results vary and conditions apply, contact us for more details... at this page »

Achieve full family life and healthy activities without restrictions and pain with this Optimal Solution Package.  This package includes:

  • Rapid pain elimination program 
  • Unique strategies for long-lasting pain-free and maximum performance and function 
  • Assistance by supporters who understanding your individualised strategies for a rapid and long-lasting outcome, such as Family, Personal Trainer, Exercise Physiologist, Fitness Instructor, Other Health Care Professionals etc.

How we deliver this package to maximise your satisfaction:

1.  A team of 3 solving your problem to maximise effectiveness and save time and costs  | Including a Ridgway Method Certified Practitioner, a Client Assistant and a Client Manager.

2.  Booking at least 90-minutes for your first appointment, to allow for testing the entire body and starting treatment | If all continues on track complete an average of 6-hours of treatment time to eliminate pain, fully functioning, in as little as 3-days or up to 2-weeks maximum, and long-lasting.  If we can't complete any stage then we stop and help you by doing something different. e.g. referring for investigations.

3.  We Involve a Trainer, Coach or Instructor who understands how to work with the Nervous System's control of the body.  This allows individual tailoring of your exercises and training for best long-term results and minimising recurrence of pain or injury anywhere in the body.

Our experience is that this Optimal Solution Package eliminates pain regains full function for ~85% of musculoskeletal problems* in this 3-day to 2-weeks timeframe. 

It is important to note that that the 15% of musculoskeletal problems that we can't eliminate the pain then we are able to work this out typically within 3 hours. This saves all the time and expense of continuing unsuccessfullywhich can go on for months or years for some people.  In these cases, the total cost is halved.

Call us for a complimentary assessment to learn if this package is right for you, either in the clinic or by phone - no obligation on (07) 3876 9990 or send your contact details and we will reply within 24 business hours... at this page »  


*Problems arising primarily from the nervous system control of Muscles, Joints and Nerves. 
Not medical conditions, autoimmune conditions, organ conditions, and inflammatory condition.


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