The Ideal Solution Package

Below is an example of the Ideal Solution Package schedule:

  • Total sessions duration required to get to pain-free full movement depends on the complexity of the condition
  • Typically this can range from 4-hours for a more simple condition to 8-hours for a highly complex condition

Achieve full family life and healthy activities without restrictions and pain with this Ideal Solution Package.  This package includes:

  • Rapid pain elimination program 
  • Unique strategies for long-lasting pain-free and maximum performance and function 
  • Assistance by supporters who understanding your individualised strategies for a rapid and long-lasting outcome, such as Family, Personal Trainer, Exercise Physiologist, Fitness Instructor, Other Health Care Professionals etc.

How we deliver this package to maximise your satisfaction:

1.  A team of 3 solving your problem to maximise effectiveness and save time and costs  | Including a Ridgway Method Certified Practitioner, a Client Assistant and a Client Manager.

2.  Booking at least 90-minutes for your first appointment, to allow for testing the entire body and starting treatment | If all continues on track complete an average of 6-hours of treatment time to eliminate pain, fully functioning, in as little as 3-days or up to 2-weeks maximum, and long-lasting.  If we can't complete any stage then we stop and help you by doing something different. e.g. referring for investigations.

3.  We Involve a Trainer, Coach or Instructor who understands how to work with the Nervous System's control of the body.  This allows individual tailoring your exercises and training for best long-term results and minimising recurrence of pain or injury anywhere in the body.

Our experience is that this Ideal Solution Package eliminates pain regains full function for ~85% of musculoskeletal problems* in this 3-day to 2-weeks timeframe. 

It is important to note that that the 15% we can't eliminate the pain then we are able to work this out within 2-3 hours typically, and this saves all the time and expense of continuing unsuccessfullywhich can go on for months or years for some people.

We offer a complimentary assessment either in the clinic or by phone - no obligation.  Call us on (07) 3876 9990 or send your contact details and we will reply within 24 business hours... at this page »  



*Problems arising primarily from the nervous system control of Muscles, Joints and Nerves. 
Not medical conditions, autoimmune conditions, organ conditions, and inflammatory condition.



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