The Optimal Solution Package | Purpose

  • Are you in injured or in pain?
  • Do you invest in your long-term health and fitness?
  • Do you enjoy achieving your personal best?

We value healthy activity and family time.  So this package is designed to fix your problem rapidly, as well as long-lasting.

We have listened to feedback from clients and referrers and are providing this new option to help clients consistently achieve unparalleled outcomes.

  • The purpose of the Ideal Solution Package is to provide a full-service.  We learned why some people are hesitant:
    • Scepticism for being able to get pain-free this quickly and also unconfident of how this can be long-lasting
    • The cost appears too high
    • There isn't a defined start and finish point, with a structured plan, showing the service and the results to expect

This Optimal Solution Package solves these challenges:

  • It achieves full movement and eliminates pain in as little as 3-days, and maximum of 2-weeks, and long-lasting*, in an affordable, defined 8-week program 
  • If we don't eliminate pain and achieve full movement in the main problem area by the end of the first two weeks then the total cost is halved** .  We offer this as good-will because we are genuinely invested in helping you. 
  • The details of this package including an example timetable are at this page »   

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