Do you want rapid, long lasting solutions to pain and injury?


You can get all the following at Baroona Physio:

  • Personal service...exceptional results
  • On time every time
  • Pain solutions in half the time* using the Ridgway Method
  • One-on-one care
  • Uninterrupted sessions
  • Hands-on fix to your problem
  • Unique problem solving methods for the most rapid results
  • Hands on facilitation for exercises that solve and prevent pain and injury
  • Great communication with contacts such as coaches, personal trainers, employers, doctors, specialists, family members
  • Highest quality skills
  • No passive machines!

The Ridgway Method is increaingly the choice of practise for many Australian physiotherapists.



Do you trust Word of Mouth?

If you can trust word of mouth referrals, then you are at the right place; the most common comments we hear from word of mouth-referred clients are:

“Baroona physios are known for fixing difficult conditions that other practitioners can’t fix.”

“Baroona physios think outside the box.”

"You fixed me twice as fast as anywhere else I've been for treatment."

Our team of physiotherapists are passionate healers and go the extra mile for every client.

We make the intangible, tangible...for your understanding and success with your recovery.


Advanced qualifications…

Did you know that only approximately two percent of physiotherapists have a musculoskeletal specialty masters degree? This is qualification allows us to provide advanced skills and advanced understanding with the result of rapid solutions for complex musculoskeletal conditions.

Going the extra mile...


Our physiotherapists are Ridgway Method Certified Practitioners and aim to fix conditions in as little as three sessions…and achieve this with the vast majority of the time.

You can experience this type of physiotherapy for yourself.


Our vision for better health...


Our vision is for the majority of Australians to achieve optimal musculoskeletal health; whether it's with curative or injury prevention care. Baroona Physiotherapists are well known for being successful with curative care. They are also leading educators in the health and fitness industries with thousands of participants attending our courses and workshops every year. 


Remote Consultations:

If you don't live near Brisbane, don't worry as we perform remote consultations with Skype (with or with video) or by phone. During these consultations we can offer you extra assistance to support and enhance your present practitioner's efforts, offer second opinions or education on musculoskeletal conditions.
Book in for your remote consultation.

Pain solutions in half the time* - As reported independently by many clients and supported with anecdotal evidence.

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