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Would you like to know about:

  • A specific painful musculoskeletal condition?
  • How long will my pain continue for?
  • When can I get back to sport after my injury?
  • Do I need surgery?
  • What happens if I don't have treatment for my pain?
  • Why should I return for care after I am pain free?  

We are also happy to answer your questions about investigations.



For example, some interesting questions you might have about scans:

My scan shows a disc bulge, is that a problem?

Scans are an important way of seeing if there are problems of concern.  Does this mean all signs, such as a disc bulge mean there is a problem? 

Did you know that many injuries and musculoskeletal pain don’t relate to what is seen on scans such as MRI and X-Rays?   


Why would this be the case?


1. Many people have real musculoskeletal pain and nothing significant shows on a scan.

This is normal when the tissues causing the pain are very irritated, but not badly damaged enough to show as a problem on scans.


2. Many people have something that shows on a scan such as a ‘disc bulge’, or osteoarthritis, with no pain.

This is normal when the tissues showing a problem on the scan are actually part of a natural, and common, degenerative process that does not relate to symptoms.  



Have you, or anyone you know, been told that ‘because a scan shows that there is ‘wear and tear’ or ‘joint damage’ that there is nothing that can be done to relieve your pain?'

Thousands of our clients have positive findings [permanent ‘problems’ that show] on a scan and rapidly gain full function and pain relief with our physiotherapy… and the scans don’t change.  They don't need to!


This tells us that scan-results and musculoskeletal pain may not be directly related!


Scans can be very useful for some musculoskeletal conditions, as there are many cases where this is exactly what is needed to determine the correct treatment for certain musculoskeletal conditions.  Usually scans are best for ruling out any severe conditions; which then provide you with confidence that great physiotherapy is the best answer for musculoskeletal conditions.


We have as many answers, and explanations, as you have questions!  

To ask us your questions just contact us and we’ll reply within 2 working days.


You may have questions about a specific condition, or you may wish to know more about pain, or what types of conditions our physiotherapists can treat...just ask us.

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