HEADACHES...they can be a pain in the neck!!

Did you know there are many causes of headaches?

One of the causes can be the cervical spine or neck-headache. Pain can be referred directly from the neck joints, from the neural (or nerve) structures around the cervical spine and from the muscles themselves. 

Does your headache involve:
• neck pain?
• neck stiffness?
• typically one sided pain?

There can be a wide range of associated symptoms with neck headaches including dizziness, nausea and tinnitus (or ringing in the ears.) The pain can vary in intensity and pattern.

Typically, neck headaches are made worse by;
sitting at the computer (indicative of poor workplace ergonomics)
driving (poor seating/ posture)
sleeping (indicative that the pillow, bed or sleeping posture is incorrect)
stress ( due to muscle imbalance/ muscle tension)
• sustained postures (e.g. at work /sleeping /driving /studying)
running or weights (poor posture)

Occasionally we find there are confusing factors with some headaches. For example, a headache may have symptoms of two or more types of headaches. In these cases treating the neck component as well as other causes gives greatest relief.

How Baroona Physio Can Help:
Physiotherapy treatment for cervicogenic (or neck) headaches may involve mobilization or manipulation of neck joints, treatment directed towards neural or nerve structures, muscle retraining exercises, postural correction and ergonomic assessment.

Not only do we give relief for the acute headache but we assess the cause, to give long term relief and minimise recurrence.

All consults are one-on-one, for YOUR personalised care.

No more headaches- what a difference!!

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