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Why are we different?


1. It's all about Your Results

2. You receive Thorough, Holistic Care

3. Your Time is Important  




1. It's all about your Results

Your results are our purpose.  The bigger, the faster, the longer lasting the results we achieve with you, the better.  We don't continue treatment without results, or we help you find the practitioner that will.  Our value is in your results.

2. You receive Thorough, Holistic Care

You receive a unique, advanced assessment process that evaluates all the possible contributing factors to your condition.  Without this process you may have some important factors missed.  We know that your condition influences, and is influenced by many factors throughout your life.  The fastest and most complete way to solve your condition is to change and fix all the significant factors.

3. Your Time is Important

The best practitioners are efficient, on time, and achieve results in a short time, allowing you to get on with your important activities.  Each Baroona Physio achieves this with the famous Ridgway Method.


We tailor our care to help people who are highly motivated for Rapid and Long Lasting Results. 
If this is you then call us on 07 3876 9990



We offer REAL solutions, not band aid solutions



Ridgway Method

Pioneered and taught by us to physiotherapists throughout Australia

We do Clinical Research proving the effectiveness of the Ridgway Method - presently with help from the University of Sydney.
If you would like to volunteer for
this thorough problem solving process (no cost), to get to the bottom of your condition, during the next research project Click Here


...it's all about YOU!  


Are you suffering with pain? Want to enhance performance in work or sport? What is Great Physio Care?



     You deserve:

  1. On time, every time.  We value your time.  We understand that you have got more important things to do that wait on us. 

  2. Hands-on, one-on-one consultations. Your treatment time is 100% dedicated to you.  We value your time, for this reason we ensure that any time spent in our clinic is utilised to full effect, we don't leave you sitting on passive machines.  

  3. Results.  We always aim to resolve your condition in the swiftest time possible.  At your 1st treatment you will be given an expected timeframe for completion of therapy.  In the unlikely event that this timeframe is not met we will refer you on to an appropriate modality or therapist.  We will not continue to treat you without results.

  4. A boutique setting which means that your consultation is undertaken in a private enclosed room.


The majority of conditions will be pain free with full movement within 2-6 sessions. 
More rare & complex conditions you can expect to be pain free with full movement in 6-8 sessions

Location: We are located 108 Haig Rd, Auchenflower, Brisbane, QLD.  
Just 3 blocks down the road from our previous Centro Milton Location.
After Hours: For our Sundays and most Public Holidays on-call service, contact us on 3876 9990 and leave your details. We are only too happy to help *surcharges apply/same day service when calls received before 12pm

We conveniently service Toowong, Paddington, Milton, Red Hill, Brisbane City, Bardon, Rosalie, and Rainworth.     

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