We welcome you to maximize your benefits with your private health benefits...

This is a client sharing page. If you have information about making the most of your private health insurance that might be of help to others please let us know and we’ll post it on this page.


For example, in 2007 a client told us that as a member of ‘Teachers Health’ they could fill out a health questionnaire provided by their insurance company and in return they received a bonus of double their physiotherapy annual total reimbursement. This resulted in that person receiving more than $300 extra allowable refunds for that year.





Another Extra Unexpected Bonus you may not be aware of:   

Some private health funds such as MediBank Private have benefits such as Package Bonuses available for their members.  The Package Bonus occurs when a certain amount of money (usually $50 or $100 depending on the type of cover) accumulates automatically each year you are with the health fund to a maximum of $500.00.   

This benefit can pay for the entire cost of your appointment and can be used to cover range of approved membership and health-related expenses, including your physiotherapy session at Baroona Physio!  

To find out more information on what benefits you are entitled to claim from your private health fund, give them a call to ask.  





Some health funds allow a rebate for gym membership when this is a useful for rehabilitation of a condition.
For example, a client with NIB private health insurance recently accessed this rebate. This client brought in the NIB form for the physiotherapist to explain, and sign-off, for the need for gym exercises for rehabilitation for their condition that allowed them to access a rebate through NIB.

One client insured with MBF with Extras Cover, that includes MBF Living Well Programs, also shared with us that they are eligible for gym/yoga/pilates rebates once their application form was signed off by their treating physiotherapist.  

We recommend you contact your private health insurance company to make similar enquiries.



A response from our senrior receptionist, Jess, answering a client's question about private health coverage for personal trainer services:

"I did some research through a selection of the largest Private Health Care providers. I got in touch with Medibank Private first hoping to get a general answer to the question, one that would be applicable with all Private Health Insurers. Unfortunately as I suspected it is all very individual according to the Insurer. In the case of Medibank Private they do not generally offer rebates for Personal Training services when referred by a physio, even when the physiotherapy treatment is ongoing. There is an exception to this generality though. The client (if covered by a package deal only e.g Healthy Plus, Smart Plus, Advantage Plus or Premier Plus) can call Medicare and request a form titled "Health Management Approval Form" which the physio would fill out. This would then be submitted to Medicare where the individual case would be looked at before a decision could be made." 
let us know if this process works for you.



Please detail your positive experiences so that we all may benefit.   We ask that you provide the name of your insurance company and any relevant details that might apply to the benefits (such as level of cover required, expiry dates etc. that you know of).


Enjoy maximising your health!




Please note: this page is purely for clients to share information, and while all efforts will be made to ensure accuracy, validity of this information cannot be confirmed by Baroona Road Physiotherapy management.


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