At Baroona Physio we endeavor to keep our appointments running on time, every time. When you book an appointment with our Physiotherapists, their time is decidicated 100% to your treatment.

Our clinic abides by the Australian Physiotherapy Association guidelines with an 8 hour policy for all cancellations and changes of appointments. This allows enough time for your appointment to be reallocated to other clients. If you wish to change or cancel your appointment we require at least 8 hours notice by phone or email, otherwise the full fee applies for the time booked.

We understand your time is valuable, and wherever possible we will give you 8 hours notice if any changes are made to your appointment. If we are unable to give you more than 8 hours notice of a change, or offer you the same appointment time with another practitioner, we will gladly waive the cost of your next appointment.

We trust that the fairness of this policy is evident, and that you understand that it applies to every client every time. This policy is important for us to continue to provide results, on average, at a lower total cost. Please ask any questions about this policy on (07) 3876 9990 or e-mail



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