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Why is the Ridgway Method being referred by some of the most experienced in our profession as "Revolutionary?"
Why is the Ridgway Method increasingly being referred to as the "Future of Physiotherapy?"

How is it that every practitioner that applies the Ridgway Method... WOWs their clients with results previously thought not possible?

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If you would like to know more about a standardised, repeatable system that consistently gains immediate, dramatic and long lasting results for the vast majority of musculoskeletal conditions then read on…

The Ridgway Method is a significantly different way of practicing physiotherapy involving:

Lateral thinking

Objective Problem Solving

Evidence Based and Results Based practice with Every condition, Every visit

Tangible results that the client can Self-measure and Self-monitor

Treatment Direction Tests demonstrate a Primary Contributing Factor in Functional, REAL-TIME

A Treatment Based Classification; that quickly demonstrates the Best Treatment for each individual condition

For Acute, Chronic, Accumulative, and Traumatic onset conditions

The Primary Contributing Factor (PCF) is the Cause of a Diagnosis

Solve the PCF and Pain-Free Function is Rapidly Achieved

Encompasses any style of  treatment and modalities of musculoskeletal treatment that achieve dramatic results

Provides objective measures as the basis for injury prevention care

Consistently Produces Results that are Currently Believed Not Possible
(as described by all practitioners that experience the Ridgway Method)



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1. AMAZING Videos - Live Clients

2. How can unbelievable results be possible?

3. The Neurophysiology Underlying A Different Way Of Thinking

4. Clinical Case Studies

5. What are the benefits?

6. Ridgway Method Course Locations & Dates




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