What is great physiotherapy?



Michael has developed the unique Ridgway Method for providing expert solutions to musculoskeletal* problems – these methods provide you with all the following:

1. An answer to the cause of your problem, how long it will take to fix & how much it will cost!

If the underlying cause of a musculoskeletal problem is not addressed, the problem isn’t resolved quickly and effectively or it returns. It is common that the underlying cause of a problem is not in the area (of the body) experiencing pain. Our unique problem solving methods ensure the actual cause of the problem is found and treated quickly... all while most accurately stating the time and cost for a complete recovery!

2. Pain solutions in half the time

Our methods result in a solution to painful problems in half the number of sessions compared with average (physiotherapeutic) care in Queensland**.  These results lead to our great word of mouth that we are well respected for.

3. No ongoing treatments without results

A solution to your condition will be found rapidly. We do not continue treatment without results. Some musculoskeletal problems are not appropriate to be fixed solely by physiotherapy – but even if we cannot solve the problem, we will help you find the health practitioner who can.

4. Preventing pain and injury

Many musculoskeletal problems will recur after the pain has settled if the cause of the problem is not solved. The vast majority of painful musculoskeletal problems are the result of strain gradually accumulating over months or years. This may be revealed with a sudden onset of pain or gradual build-up manifesting as aches or pain with a specific or sudden movements. Our advanced methods of preventative relief focus on the causes before they build to become pain. This minimizes the risk of you suffering pain and injury.

5. Your toolkit for ongoing health

When you follow our methods, you will have your own tools to see and feel for yourself that you are exercising, moving or holding posture correctly.  These feedback tools give you the confidence that you have the right control over your body.




Great physiotherapy also involves sharing techniques and methods in education courses for general clients and for professionals, such as Personal Trainers and exercise physiologists.  If you are interested in learning effective techniques and methods that achieve injury prevention and performance enhancement then express your interest today. 


Advanced qualifications…

Did you know that only approximately two percent of physiotherapists have a musculoskeletal specialty masters degrees? This is a qualification allows us to provide advanced skills and advanced understanding with the result of rapid solutions for complex musculoskeletal conditions.



More great physiotherapy descriptions:

Good physiotherapy doesn’t just relieve pain; it finds and solves the physical problem that causes the pain, with immediate results#.
Experience the ultimate in physiotherapy care by booking an appointment today.


Our physiotherapy methods, techniques and experience are so good that if you don't live near Brisbane we can help you with our remote consultation service.  By phone of by Skype (with or without video) we can provide you with support to enhance your present practitioner, a second opinion and/or education about the best management for your condition.  For our remote consultation service book in today.    

More about physiotherapy

Physiotherapy is a health science. Physiotherapists study a minimum of four years for their degrees, and specialist physiotherapists study for years beyond that, to gain their qualifications.

Only approximately 2% of Queensland physiotherapists have achieved a second, specialty musculoskeletal master’s degree. This is an advanced degree that multiple Baroona Road Physiotherapists have attained. You know you’re in good hands with our knowledge and skills.

Great physiotherapists are dedicated to restoring and protecting their clients’ health. By using their knowledge to assist work and sporting performance, they help to enhance their clients’ quality of life.

Physiotherapy helps the body to improve itself. Quality physiotherapy gives clients ways to effectively continue their improvement outside the practice and to prevent recurring injury.

*Musculoskeletal is a term to describe muscle, bone, joint and nerve function. Musculoskeletal physiotherapy is the only allied health profession that has all the tools necessary to assess and treat the complex, and often subtle, relationship between each muscle, joint and nerve that can relate to the development of painful conditions.

**As compared with state averages of specific insurance company statistics and/or as independently quoted by the vast majority of clients that have experienced multiple types of physiotherapy care and then ours – they never look back.

#A small proportion of musculoskeletal conditions sometimes have pathology that is not amenable to immediate change. We can accurately diagnose these conditions and ensure you are on the best plan possible for fastest recovery. After we assess your condition we will explain the details of care needed for your condition and if this fits with our guarantee.

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