Welcome to your Performance Enhancement Experience!

What is Performance Enhancement?

Performance enhancement is learning to change the way you use your muscles to control your body to ensure maximal efficiency and minimal strain to your joints, muscles and nerves. 

Performance enhancement can be applied to sports, work, home life and can even be applied to using the computer and sitting well!

This is achieved with:


          1. Specific proactive muscle activation

          2. Ideal biomechanics and technique


Performing well in everyday life, at work or in sport relies on each of these factors. 
When one of these factors is less than optimal your performance suffers and the chance of building up tension and suffering pain increases.


For your work life; learning these factors increases efficiency, productivity and minimises tension, aches and pain in your body.

For your sporting life; learning these factors makes you more powerful, faster and more efficient while decreasing the chance of pain at the same time.

For your home life; learning these factors enhances your quality of life while allowing you to more easily perform home and outdoor tasks with minimal pain and tension.    


Baroona Physiotherapy has developed unique workshops that assess and teach optimal performance enhancement to ensure you get the most out of your body.  These techniques are also the best injury prevention methods...you can gain enhanced performance and injury prevention management from the same skills! 


How can you know when you are lifting, training and sitting with ideal muscle control?

Traditionally these are taught by watching your 'technique'. There are easy and successful ways to learn best control and the ability to monitor yourself any time, any place, at your convenience. We give you the tools to monitor yourself.

We make the intangible, tangible...for your continued success.

When you follow our unique methods, you will see and feel for yourself that you are exercising, moving or holding posture correctly. This is your own toolkit for ongoing performance improvements and injury prevention.

You will notice the difference immediately!


If you live too far away from Brisbane, don't worry, we can teach you performance enhancement and injury prevention with our remote consultations.  Via phone or Skype (with or without video), we can enhance your results with supporting your present practitioner or teach you things that you would have never known otherwise.


Would you like to enhance your performance for work, sport or play?

To experience performance enhancement for yourself book in today!

To express your interest in group performance enhancement workshops, contact us.

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