We are proud to offer you educational experiences like no other!

Our courses are developed by our highly qualified physiotherapists.
They are developed using the latest evidence based research making our courses the cutting edge of musculoskeletal health. 
We are leading the way with new concepts and methods that meet the demands of our ever progressive communities and professional groups.


We enhance the quality of your life with:

    1. Practical education workshops to help educate:

                   General clients, athletes and workers.

    2. Professional continuing education courses and workshops to help educate:

                   Physiotherapists, Personal Trainers, Exercise Physiologists, Fitness Therapists

                   and other professionals.


1. What is a practical education workshop?

Our exclusive workshops for clients are a combination of education, assessment and practical teaching. If you would like to know how you can improve performance, decrease pain and prevent injury then our workshops are for you.
Our workshops are specific to your needs, can be performed at any location, at any time, in small (4) or large groups (many) and allow you to experience immediate improvements with methods that you can fine tune by yourself in the long term.

How will your life benefit from the following outcomes of our performance enhancement workshops and education courses?

You benefit by gaining:

  • Confidence with gaining control over your body
  • Tangible methods for self-management
  • Pain and injury prevention
  • Faster recovery for those that do suffer an unavoidable injury
  • Decreased risk of the chronic pain during recovery of unavoidable injury

To express interest in our workshops contact us today.


 2. What do our professional continuing educational courses involve? 


Our courses are leading education for Musculoskeletal Health, Injury Prevention and Performance Enhancement. 

  • Workplace workshops for managers and staff to minimise injury risk and maximise productivity
  • Optimal Training Methods DVD and manual for the Fitness Industry and Physiotherapists (7 CECs)
  • A total of 50 hours of CEC courses for Personal Trainers, Exercise Physiologists and Fitness Therapists
  • Lectures and workshops to Coaches, and Professionals for minimising injury risk and maximising performance


We have presented to many thousands of fitness professionals, athletes, workers and home-based clients with seminars, workshops and continuing education courses. The response to the uniqueness and effectiveness of our musculoskeletal health courses is overwhelmingly positive and supportive.

 To express interest in our courses contact as today.

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