Your Spinal Musculoskeletal Health Quiz:


Your aim is to answer the following five questions by picking the number that is closest to describing you.

Question 1:
Sit up straight and firmly feel your low back muscles either side of your spine and then your upper trapezius muscles at the base of your neck. Are these muscles:
1. Very tight like rocks?
2. Some tight knots and some loose muscle?
3. Loose muscle like raw meat?

Question 2:
How many hours per work day (on average) do you spend sitting?
1. 6+ hours
2. 3-6 hours
3. Up to 3 hours

Question 3:
How frequently do you change positions (e.g. get up from sitting to stand and move around)?
1. Every meal break or less
2. Every 2 hours
3. Every 20-30 minutes

Question 4:
How do you rate your stress levels on average?
1. High, with much concern for things not going ‘right’ in your world?
2. Medium, half/ half?
3. Low, relaxed and chilled 90+% of your life?

Question 5:
How much formal exercise do you achieve in a week on average (such as elevating heart rate, gym and/or exercise class work)?
1. Less than 3 hours
2. 3-6 hours
3. 6+ hours

Now add the points you achieved for each answer. E.g. 1.= one point, 2.=two points and 3.=three points.

When you have worked out your total click here for your results.

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